When we arrived here, in the July of 1981, Bonaire was a sleepy little island with a population of around six thousand people. There were not many cars, not much to do, no fine restaurants, the supermarkets were usually empty. All the things a city offered were not here. What was here? Pretty simple… Really nice people living under the tropical sun. The island was surrounded by a Tropical Reef inhabited by the most diverse sea creatures you could wish for.

What more do you need to live. We saw this as a place to raise our children and to be part of a place unlike the rush and chaos of the “big city”.

Fourty years later we still live here. Now with four stores, employing 12 people. We are growing but in a sane green way. The people are still nice, the reef is still beautiful. The supermarkets are better and the restaurants are great. The life is good. Come and visit us and see how our dream has turned into a beautiful reality.